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New Shipment From Brazil

Palm Beach Countertops received a new shipment of natural stone slabs from Brazil. In this shipment we received Bianco Antico, Sea Mist Quartzite , Exotic Yellow, and Forest Black.

These slabs are 3 cm thick (1-1/4″).  There is a trend in the U.S. towards using exclusively 3 cm materials for countertops and backsplashes. The use to 3 cm over the traditional 2 cm is becoming more and more popular. One advantage of the thicker material is that fabricators are able to craft the countertops at a faster rate, thus completing the customer’s order more quickly. Clients save money on the 3 cm materials by paying lower costs for the labor of the fabrication process. The process is made quicker by there being no need to put two pieces of granite together on the edge of the countertop to give it a thicker look. The 3 cm gets installed in one piece, the edge is crafted on the existing thickness, saving time and money.